Marlon Mureyani (Malon Tee)

Marlon Mureyani, also known by his moniker Malon Tee, is a Zimbabwean record producer who’s particularly known for his work in the Zimdancehall scene. Working under the record label First Class Records, Malon Tee has created some popular long-playing projects such as: “Hondo Riddim,” “Kingstone Riddim,” “Chaminuka Riddim” …and oh boy, the list goes on. Some of these catchy tunes have helped shape the sound of Zimdancehall music. Lastly, here’s the thing, fam. Marlon Mureyani isn’t just resting on his laurels, no sirree. He’s always pushing the boundaries, experimenting with new sounds and styles. He’s not afraid to take risks, and that’s what sets him apart from the rest. His beats are bold, they’re fearless, and they’re guaranteed to get your body moving.