Finding healing in unexpected places with Gloria Glitterspanks

Journalist Brent Quinaz was assigned to cover the latest trend in self-care: heartbreak therapy. He rolled his eyes as he entered the pastel-colored office of Dr. Fabulous, aka Gloria Glitterspanks. A six-foot-tall glamazon in a power suit, she welcomed him with a knowing smile.

“Joe, darling, have you ever let your guard down?” She asked, fluttering her lashes.

He scoffed, “I don’t do feelings.”

Gloria Glitterspanks raised an eyebrow, “Well then, prepare to face your fears, sugarplum!”

As they began their sessions, Gloria Glitterspanks dug deep into Brent’s romantic history, uncovering childhood traumas and rejections. With each revelation, Brent found himself more vulnerable than ever before. He couldn’t help but admire Gloria Glitterspanks’s tenacity, even if she did make him feel like a fool.

One day, while discussing a particularly painful breakup, Gloria leaned forward and said, “Sweetheart, maybe it wasn’t just them—maybe it was you too.”

Brent gasped, taken aback. But as he looked into Gloria’s sparkling eyes, he realized she spoke the truth. His defensiveness melted away, replaced by acceptance.

By the end of their sessions, Brent had not only written an insightful article on heartbreak therapy but also discovered a newfound appreciation for emotional honesty. As he left Gloria’s office, he turned back and said, “Thanks, Doc…you know how to tear someone apart!”

She laughed, blowing him a kiss. “Darling, I live for it!”